Variable ND Filters – Fader Filters

Variable ND Filters – Fader Filters;

We’ve collected quite a few lenses (and cameras) in the last year, and it’s about time to grab more Variable ND filters instead of swapping them and sharing them during the workflow. Variable ND filters or ‘Fader Filters’ are Neutral Density filters used to block out light for better exposure. You will find ND filters built in to professional video cameras, but DSLR’s lack this and it’s an important filter to use when shooting video. Especially if you’re trying to achieve a more film like look with your camera, this will help control your shutter speed on bright days. Variable ND filters are great because they are adjustable to perform like several different ND filters wrapped up in one, but if you’ve got time to add and swap you can use standard ND filters too. There are three big names that come to mind when shopping for these filters, which are Singh-Ray the most expensive, Genus, and LightCraft Workshop. Here’s what you should think about when shopping for your Variable ND Fader Filter.

A recent video shot with Schneider Vari ND filter Kit. The video shows how the light can be controlled through the rotation of the filter (from 0 -10 stops) without changing F-stops. And I was able to change the amount of ND I needed while I was shooting, since the sun was going in and out of the clouds, I was able to adjust the amount of ND needed without having to change f-stop or shutter speed or change out to a different filter.